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Business needs Progressive Web App

We know it very well that mobile apps in no ways are a part of the web and therefore we need to find an alternative. Progressive Web Apps is the answer! Why do businesses need progressive web apps? There are literally so many reasons to pen down when thinking about PWAs. When many would say that mobile apps are very important for business, I would still stand by the fact that progressive web apps can make a huge difference in capturing the interests of your audience today.

Let us see why progressive web apps are important:

First, today users visit approximately 25 mobile apps and more than hundred websites a month. This literally proves that we use websites four times more than mobile apps.

Secondly, as users, you might have experienced a higher level of friction when it comes to mobile apps. There are so many issues that most of the times are left unattended by the mobile app developers. Problems like Load, Store, install, Accept Permissions, Download and Wait are faced by everyone. This list usually contains the multiple steps (4-6) that must be followed to access an app. The list usually pushes the users away from apps instead of attracting them.

We know that websites are not very mobile friendly. This can be proven by the fact that the users spend 87% of their mobile Internet time with mobile apps.

There are so many reasons why we prefer mobile apps over a website. I have quoted down a few to make it easier for you to understand why you prefer apps over a website.

When it comes to convenience mobile apps are far more convenient and hassle free than a website.

Also, the design and the ease of navigation make mobile apps easier to use.

The most beneficial factor is that a mobile app can work even when you do not have Internet connected to your phone which means you can access app even in offline mode.

And finally, mobile websites usually do not look good on your phone or probably look out of place.

There are so many ways to prove that we prepare mobile apps over the website but at the same time, we use websites more than a mobile app. We would prefer to use websites over mobile apps but we are bound to use mobile apps as they are more convenient to use. Therefore, progressive web apps came to picture!

Google understands the needs of the end users. It understands the importance of websites for every business. It also understands that website make it difficult for the businesses to reach to its’ end audience and therefore Google came up with the idea of progressive web apps.

Progressive Web Apps

  • Progressive

This can be easily explained by the fact that progressive web app works pretty good for every user regardless of what browsers they choose because they are built keeping progressive enhancement as the core precept.

  • Responsive

The best part about progressive web apps is the fact that it can easily fit in any device. Be it a mobile phone, a tablet, a desktop or any other device, progressive web apps are highly responsive in each of them.

  • Connectivity independent

You want to go offline you can go offline! PWAs come along with service workers that work even in offline condition or under no network connectivity. They ensure an instant and continuous flow of information and data.

  • Just like APP

Progressive web apps offer app-like-style, interactions, and navigation which makes it easier for use them.

  • New (out of the box)

Progressive web app always keeps the users up-to-date with real-time updates that are offered by the service workers.

  • Secure

TLS ensures that content does not get hampered and it also prevents looping.

  • Discoverable

PWAs can be easily identified as an application with W3C that manifests and service worker that registers. It becomes easier for search engines to find these web apps.

  • Re-engagement

Progressive web apps come along with features such as push notifications that ensure re-engagement.

  • Installable

What better than keeping the app that you consider important on your home screen. PWAs allows the users to bring these apps on the home screen, therefore, saving the users from the hassle of opening an app store.

  • Linkable

The user can link and easily share PWAs through URL and therefore it does not require the user to install via Complex installation processes.

Progressive web apps are like websites, it is just that you have a user interface which is used on mobile devices. The information can still be collected even in poor connectivity which means the Internet is no more a factor of concern for the users. With push notifications progressive web apps keep the users updated even when the app is closed. Also, unlike a website, progressive web apps get continuously updated and come with the easy installation process.

Also, progressive web apps are like mobile apps, it is just that the search engine easily discovers them, URLs link them, and web distributes them.

Having discussed so many benefits, you should also know that there are few limitations that PWAs come with. When businesses think that progressive web apps are one of the best ways of reaching their end users we must also know that only 44% of Chrome, 13% of Firefox, and 1% of Opera supports progressive web apps. Also, the progressive web app may or may not have the functionality, performance, and look for native app.

Even with these little limitations, businesses must consider creating a progressive web app as it makes sense. When you know that most of your users use a browser that supports PWA, you should consider creating progressive web apps. For instance, Flipkart one of the biggest Indian E-Commerce business has 70% audience using Chrome and 16% audience using Firefox browsers. Both browsers support progressive web apps. Also, if you are considering building an app for internal corporate use, the progressive web app is the best option to explore. If you have already created an Android app or an iOS app you must still consider entering the progressive web apps market and if you are considering creating an app that is content driven there is nothing better than progressive web app as it gets continuously updated and refreshed automatically.

Written by DreamzTech
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